Upper Elementary

Here at Zion, your upper elementary student will enjoy a rich and varied curriculum. In addition to Literature, Math, Science, English, and History, your student will receive instruction in Religion. Your student will also learn Latin, Logic and digital citizenship through our weekly explore classes. Your student will learn typing skills as well as how to be safe online and use digital resources responsibly with a Chromebook. We offer twice-weekly music, art, and P.E. classes, too! Every year, your student’s learning will extend beyond the classroom with field trips to the State Fair, Agriculture Safety Day at the Adams County Fair Grounds, Stuhr Museum, and the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.

In the classical tradition, students at the upper elementary age begin the transition from the logical thinking stage to the rhetoric stage. In the rhetoric stage, students are learning to apply what they have learned about logical thinking to their own speaking and writing. At Zion Classical Academy, we strive to disciple our students for a lifetime of service to God and others, a vital part of which is the ability to share the Gospel message with others. Rhetoric is a vital skill in your student's ability to become disciples themselves. Students continue to hone their logic skills through formal logic classes, while exercising those skills throughout all other classes. English, science, literature, and history begin to include more rigorous writing activities and oral presentations that foster your student's reasoning skills and support the development of a solid Christian worldview with a strong emphasis on discipleship. The Socratic method of questioning is employed to encourage students to think critically about various topics and express those thoughts eloquently within a dialogue.