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ZCA Garden Classroom

ZCA Garden Classroom Mission Statement

The mission of Zion Classical Academy’s Garden Classroom is to provide an interactive classroom where children can Grow with God while being instructed on the planting, cultivation and harvesting of a variety of plants, the care and maintenance of a garden, and the preservation of nature and the ecosystem.


The following objectives will support the Mission of the Garden:


  1. Cultivation of students’ health, happiness, and well-being through academic engagement

  2. Fostering community fellowship through nature

  3. Build, nurture and provide sustainability to our community


Entomology in the garden

This season has been full of amazing exploration in the garden! Students learned about pollination and why it is so important. They have examined many different species of wildlife and learned the differences between garden helpers and garden pests.


Nutrition in school

There are a multitude of studies that show that offering nutritious options in school increases focus and attention, which leads to improved test scores and better behavior in the classroom. Schools play an important role in promoting healthy eating habits.


After School Care in the Garden

We put more care in our after school care program this year! Our after school care students were the first to plant the seeds of this amazing project. They continue to be involved daily in garden tasks while learning about plant sciences and life cycles, entomology and pollination. Students have learned that the garden is a place of peace where we are closer to God and His wonderful creations.


ZCA Garden Classroom Activities

The ZCA Garden Classroom planning committee meets in the spring to start planting seeds and cultivating the garden. From June 1st to October 13th, we meet every Thursday at 6 p.m. for one hour of garden tasks followed by a guest speakers, Taste & Learn events, a garden meal, and fellowship with our ZCA Families. Come join us!

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