Extra Learning Activities

Technology Within The Classroom


In an ever-changing world filled with technology, education in safe and responsible usage of that technology is a vital part of every student’s future success. Here are Zion, we are committed to producing well-rounded students who are prepared for any challenges life may present to them. Starting in 1st grade, your students will participate in computer learning classes that train them in typing skills, safe Internet practices, and responsible technology interactions. Grades 1-4 focus on typing skills and basic program knowledge. In the upper grades, students participate in a program called CSPrep (Computer Science Preparation), in which they have the opportunity to learn coding skills at their own pace, personalizing their knowledge to fit individual interests and abilities.

Homework Club

Homework Club is available for all students in grades K-6 from 3:15-4:00pm every Monday-Thursday in the Cafeteria with Zion’s Resource Teacher, Sharon Shriver. Students are required to attend Homework Club if they are missing 3 or more assignments or if a subject grade is 76% or less.  This service is free of charge, but if the student does not have any homework or has completed all necessary school work, they will be required to report to After School Care.

Physical Education


Zion's K-6 P.E. program is run by the Hastings College Physical Education Department, under the direction of Professor Becky Hamik (https://www.hastings.edu/bio/rebecca-hamik/). The course is a skills based activity course that follows the National and State Physical Education and Health standards. The goal of the course is to educate students on healthy lifestyles and ensure that all students are successful.


In an ever-expanding global world, it is important for your students to possess an understanding of a language other than their native language. At Zion, we are committed to expanding our students’ minds through rigorous curriculum and varied cultural experiences. In pursuit of that end, students in grades 3-6 study Latin. Latin is the root of up to 65% of the English language, as well as the basis for all Romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, etc.).  It is also the common language of medicine, law, science, logic, and theology. A firm foundation in a classical language prepares our students to understand their own language more fluently, and also opens the gateway to any languages they may wish to study in the future.

General Music


In our general music classes, students learn proper vocal techniques and diction to help prepare them for performances at church services and various school and community programs.  Students in Grades PK-2 dance along and learn fun new ways to explore music, while grades 3-6 expand their musical repertoire by learning to play the recorder, handbells, and other instruments. Our students love expressing themselves through God's gift of music!


Students in grades 3-6 are given the opportunity to praise our Lord with their instrumental talents. Students will be able to choose an instrument and rent if necessary. CGS Music will provide test instruments so students can try before they choose. Numerous studies have shown that learning to play a musical instrument strengthens your brain, builds confidence, and improves coordination. We are pleased to offer this quality program to our students to enhance their learning experience.



In an age of readily available information, how can your student know what is true and what is not? In this extracurricular class, students in grades 3-6 learn to identify logical fallacies, think analytically, and examine information to determine its truth and value. With so many claims and opinions bombarding your students from all sides, we recognize the importance of teaching them these crucial analytical skills in order to prepare them to defend their values against the never-ending onslaught of information from the outside world.